How Microsoft Buying OpenAI Will Explode The Way You Search The Internet in 2023

Microsoft buying OpenAI is set to change everything. So right now, people create whole companies based on providing content for the internet. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on search engine optimization (SEO) all in a desperate bid to get traffic that will either land them a sale or generate some revenue via ads. Search engines like Microsofts Bing are talking about integrating AI directly into the results page, what will that mean?

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Microsoft buying OpenAI means Chat GPT in your search results

It’s pretty well known now that Microsoft has given a whole pile of money to Open AI (the owners of Chat GPT) with the intention of including the responses it generates directly into the search results. Originally when I first heard this I thought the issue would be that it might not be fast enough, or that it would cost an actual boatload of money, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized most people search for the same thing over and over.

Whilst people might be diverse and multi-cultural, there are always going to be some things that overlap. The reason people target long-tailed keywords these days is that there is so much competition on the main ones.

mechanical hands typing on a keyboard

It’s the same thing on repeat.

Using this to our advantage we can see how some of these responses could be easily cached.

Google is already doing this though. If you search for ‘how many cups of flour are there in a cake’ – you will likely see one of those quick ‘instant responses’ that covers the answer directly in the search results. This actually comes from an extract from a web page, but there’s no reason this couldn’t come from an AI language model.

There are 4 types of search intent

Information, Transactional, Navigational, and Commercial. Whilst not all of these could be replaced, for example, someone looking to ‘buy a car tire’ is always going to need to go to a merchant, someone googling ‘what to look for when buying a car tire’ doesn’t necessarily need to bother to have to jump through several hoops going through various websites to find all the information, they could quite happily just get a few paragraphs of text containing the answer without ever needing to leave bing.

The missing gaps

The only thing that that clever paragraph is missing is images. Whilst AI image generation is definitely a thing, it’s not really been linked up well to tools like GPT-3 yet. For example, if I wanted to know how to make an origami bird, whilst text is helpful, it’s no substitute at all for a step-by-step image diagram that clearly shows me what to do. Using AI image generation in its current state might allow me to make some pictures of origami birds, it probably could draw me a nicely labeled ‘fold here’ set of pictures detailing all the correct steps. But remember, we are only at version 3, and 4 is just around the corner. Imagine version 10.

Microsoft buying OpenAI is opening peoples eyes to ChatGPT and how to search in new ways

So what do we do?

Right now there’s not a lot we can do, this is coming, this is coming fast, and it’s going to change everything. The best solution right now is to not fall behind. Sites like CNET and other HUGE publishers are already openly using AI in their content. And they are ranking on google, and ranking incredibly well, with a number of these articles already ranking in spot 1 on the search engine results page. This is crazy good and shows just how well AI can work. Make no mistake, Microsoft buying OpenAI is a good thing for the future, and I’m sure it’s only the first of many big steps.

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