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Pricing Plans

Get your website seen first! Our super-smart AI writes things for you. It's like a puzzle master, putting all the right words together so when people search, they find you before anyone else. It's quick, easy, and fun!

Pay Monthly

Pay for 10 Months, Get 12


$19.99 /mo

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5 articles/mo

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Approximately 8,060 words

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In-depth, comprehensive article (typically 2,000+ words)

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Optimized title, URL & meta description for SEO

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Add "authority link" to article (boosts SEO)

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On-site editing and grammar support

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Automatically publish directly to blog


$39.99 /mo

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15 articles/mo

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Approximately 24,180 words

Everything in Basic PLUS:

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Create AI-generated featured image)

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Automatic tag and category detection

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Automatically create internal links to and from existing blog posts

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Ability to schedule posts

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Ability to write with live search (rather than 2021 data)


$59.99 /mo

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30 articles/mo

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Approximately 48,360 words

Everything in Growth PLUS:

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Free eBook: "SEO Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Ranking Your New Website"
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Unlimited AI images (featured image and within the article)

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Automatically generated schema markup

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Option to rewrite without AI detection

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Bulk article creation


$299.99 /mo

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300 articles/mo

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Approximately 483,600 words

Everything in Pro PLUS:

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Unlimited use of "Chat with Writer"

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YouTube summary tool

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Query Trending Searches

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Bulk article creation

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Smart In Content Graphs

Marketing Agency / Content at Scale

Contact Sales

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Custom # of articles

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Option to add custom SEO plan

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Option to build links to your content

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our confidence in your satisfaction: We believe in our AI SEO article writing tool so much, we'll gladly fix any issues you find and deliver a new article free of charge. Should you remain unsatisfied, just let us know ā€“ you'll get your money back, 100% guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have trained our Artificial Intelligence writer on over 63GB of data (approximately 8,190,000 pages of quality content), using a variety of different Machine Learning algorithms.

Many sites right now are just glorified prompt generators, and you may as well just use ChatGPT. Article Fiesta is different. We produce the content, then make sure every bit of on-page SEO possible is handled (images, videos, headers, alt tags, rich JSON schemas, tags, categories, meta data, internal and external links) and then automatically upload it all to your blog. This can be fully on auto-pilot. We also handle creating missing categories and tags etc, and creating the meta descriptions etc for them automatically too. All you need do is connect your blog and provide one keyword.

The feedback we receive from our users is very positive about the AI writing articles and their automatic search engine optimization, so the best answer we can give is to encourage you to try it for yourself. Feel free to check out some unedited sample articles and see what you think!

You fully own the content. You may use the generated article as you like. All generated images and videos are royalty-free and can be used free of charge (attributions for images may be required).

Please get in touch with us, and we will help you generate a new article for no extra cost.

We use extensive AI to produce the content, using not only OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT-4, but also additional custom models too to really turbocharge your SEO game. At time of writing there are up to 11 models in use for any given article, dependent on the settings you use when creating the content. Whilst we offer a free trial and try to keep the overall cost low, we do have to pass this back on to the customer.

No, this is illegal; we do not encourage or support this.

Yes of course, you are free to cancel or upgrade and downgrade as you see fit, at any point during your plan!
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See how this blog used AI generated content to generate of 500,000 unique users per month

Immerse yourself in this inspiring case study of a blog that leveraged Article Fiesta's AI-driven content creation to engage 500,000 unique users per month. Discover the synergy of captivating, SEO-rich content that resonated with both readers and search engines. Explore this powerful transformation and envision the potential for your business.

Case Study

What our clients say

It's actually bloody amazing

I no longer hate all AI content creation tools. After chatting with Ash and him talking me through a bit of how Article Fiesta works, I can now confirm it's actually bloody amazing!

Outstanding Results!

Been using Article Fiesta since November and seeing solid growth!

I highly recommend this tool

Article Fiesta is a convenient tool for article writing. Each article is high-quality and focused on your chosen keyword. I highly recommend this tool.

Instant Win

With Article Fiesta, I can generate keyword-rich headlines that are not only compelling but also optimized for maximum SEO impact.


I never thought content creation could be this effortless. Article Fiesta has exceeded my expectations, delivering high-quality content consistently.

Game Changer!

Since implementing Article Fiesta, our website traffic has doubled, and our engagement metrics have skyrocketed. It's a game-changer!

Too Easy

I used to spend ages writing content, now it takes me seconds!

Dependable Service

Article Fiesta is a dependable service that simplifies your content creation process. The AI-generated posts are unique, plagiarism-free, and optimized for online marketing. You can post articles straight from the service and schedule them to guarantee maximum audience engagement. Full Review