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Ash - Founder & CEO

About Us - What is the journey of Article Fiesta

So you think AI Blog Posts are terrible and don‘t work or produce terrible content? As a blogger myself, I thought that too. That‘s why I created my own AI to fill out some extra content for my own blogs. I did this because most of them were awful, and I‘ve wasted plenty of my money hoping they would be better.

As someone who’s been in the software development industry all my life, worked on many big name brands and led multi-million dollar projects, I’ve had some experience with complicated projects. My day job before Article Fiesta was all about Machine Learning for Big Tech and their clients.

Article Fiesta started off as a personal project. Then I showed a few of my friends, and they wanted to use it themselves. This was a pain as it was a command line tool designed for a developer to use. So I put a front end on it. Then I let them use it themselves.

They ended up sharing it with their friends. As more and more people started to use it, I was getting more and more suggestions for improvements, and with each one I implemented, the project got more and more awesome. It was already something that started off better than anything that was out there, but all of a sudden, it was light years ahead.

For something that started out of necessity, it wasn’t long before people were not only offering to pay for their articles, but I was getting investors reaching out. That's when my journey really started to take off, and the product you know and love became what you see in front of you today.

As someone that's super committed and excited for the future, I can’t believe how fast the product that is Article Fiesta and its associated team has grown. And still, every day, we add new things. Every day it gets more awesome. And every day, someone will reach out and tell us they can’t believe there isn’t a team of writers behind the scenes making their articles. Surely, there is no way it could look this good and come from a machine?

So, after all this, we’d love it if you’d try Article Fiesta. Then after you have used it, drop us a message and let us know what we could do better, as this is our passion - and we want it to be the most incredible tool ever invented. Every extra little thing we know about is one more thing that we can make more awesome for you!

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